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New Website Launch

February 2, 2013

CHICAGO – The AMB TRAN Group LTD is proud to announce the launch new websites for ATI Ambulance Company, Vandenberg Ambulance Company and Trace Ambulance Company.

The new websites offer contemporary and colorful designs that feature links to each individual organization’s vital resources. “We have created modern websites that are super-user friendly,” said AMB TRAN Chief Financial Officer Christopher Vandenberg. “We wanted to ensure that our valuable clients, strategic partners and our employees had access to our company’s information and updates.”

Each of the AMB TRAN Group’s websites include links to History, Mission Statement, Management Team, Partners and Evidence Based Practices. All three websites feature professionally taken photographs and updates graphics. “In order to reflect our commitment to our business,” AMB TRAN Chief Executive Officer Brian Dolan said, “we wanted to produce a fresh look for all of our company’s websites.The sites’ pictures feature our employees in action and showcase our latest equipment.”

AMB TRAN is an EEO/AA Employer and each of the new websites offers a link for those seeking a career as a first responder.

Please enter the new ATI, Vandenberg and Trace Ambulance websites by visiting:

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