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ATI Billing Services

ATI Ambulance provides a complete in-house medical billing department that is knowledgeable, friendly and customer service oriented.

To promote timely billing practices and strengthen customer relations, each facility that ATI services has a designated billing specialist that is familiar with that particular account and is able to provide assistance regarding ambulance transports or insurance claims. ATI’s billing specialists are trained in seeking alternate forms of payments to ensure that the appropriate source has been billed. In addition, ATI’s compliance department reviews each ambulance transport to ensure that medical necessity has been met. ATI utilizes a state-of-the-art billing software system that is HIPAA compliant and allows for expeditious audits and cross-checks. ATI Ambulance is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and is a participating provider for all major insurance carriers and managed care organizations.

To speak with our billing department, please contact us at 708-614-1343.

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